Spiritual Maturity: The Melchisedec Order

In Hebrews 5:12 the Apostle Paul talks about the things that he desired to say, but could not due to the “dullness of hearing” of those he was writing to.  He further elaborates on their condition by informing them that they need to be taught again what they should already be teaching others.  “Dullness” in hearing means to resist what requires exertion or activity, or to not want to hear the truths that will make you accountable to change your ways!  The word “dullness” also denotes a resistance to the cure.  Your spiritual growth is determined by your hearing ability.  It is not just what you hear, but how you hear it that matters.  We have the ability to hear without paying attention or committing to memory what is being spoken. Paul indicates that you must become so good at what you hear, that you have the ability to teach others what you have been taught.  Good teachers must first be good listeners!

The subject matter that Paul desired to speak about to the recipients of his Epistle was the Melchizedek Order.  Prior to saying: “I have many things that I desire to say but can’t”,  he speaks of Jesus being called a High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek.  He states that he can’t further elaborate on this because of their immaturity.  I have noticed that there a few teachings on the Melchizedek Order.  That must be for the same reason that Paul is stating in Hebrews 5: “dullness of hearing”. 

The Word Melchisedec means my King is righteous, it also means justice in both economics and politicsthe Davidic Kingdom, the Messianic Kingdom, and Jersualem, the Church, as the seat of just government.  No wonder it is difficult subject matter.  This Order speaks to the Kingdom of GOD and how it’s dominion is to be exercised in the earth realm through the Church!  The Davidic Kingdom speaks to the Kingly and Priestly functions working in the life of the believer releasing GOD’s rule and reign in every facet and sector of our society. 

It is absolutely essential that those that are a part of this Royal Dynasty be mature enough to handle this kind of power and authority.  GOD  wants to exercise HIS rule in the earth through HIS Church, but many of those that make up the Church are still struggling to learn the basics, while the world waits for LEADERSHIP!!  Look at the lack of morals and character in those who control the economic and political Kingdoms in this world.  While we complain about how wicked and corrupt our world is, GOD waits to promote us into those arenas as SALT and LIGHT.  HE knows that putting us into those positions before the process is complete would be deadly to us and those that would be affected by us. 

The Melchizedek priesthood is identified as an ORDER. The amplified Bible says that JESUS is a Priest forever after the RANK and ORDER of Melchizedek.  Mature believers understand that terminology.  They understand who outranks them in leadership and have no problem submitting.  In the first mention of Melchizedek, Abraham encounters him after returning from a battle.  Abraham had achieved a great victory and brought back from the battle great spoils. He encountered a King that is unheard of prior to this moment. The Bible says he has no earthly genealogy, no record of Father or Mother, but Abraham still recognized HIM as a KING!  Abraham at that time ranked higher in the earth realm than any other man!  HE was to be the Father of many nations, however he discerns that this KING is greater than HIM and pays tithes!  His prompting to pay tithes to this unkown KING must have come strictly out of his discernment of his RANK!  

Maturity is knowing the benefits of discerning and responding properly to leadership that is above you.  An anti-leadership spirit is an anti-Christ spirit. Christ means the anointed one, so the anti-Christ spirit hates the anointing!  The anointing does not flow from the feet up, but from the head down.  Your anointing will flow from whoever GOD has placed over you in rank!  There are numerous scriptural examples of this truth:  in Psalms 133 we see how the anointing flows down from the head of Aaron; Elisha receives the mantle from his spiritual father Elijah, Moses puts his honor on Joshua, David anoints Solomon his successor, and in the New Testament Paul imparted to his son Timothy.  Anyone anointed for leadership has served and submitted the one who confers the blessing upon them.  In Hebrews 5 it speaks of this concerning the Melchizedek order,  the lesser is blessed by the greater

Many never get their authentic anointing because they refuse to acknowledge the one GOD has chosen and ranked above them.  Those that can’t submit could never be trusted to lead.  Only good followers make good leaders. The LORD allows bad leadership like Saul, when HIS people reject the true leadership that HE ordained. 

In Psalms 110 we see the conversation within the GODHEAD: THE LORD (God) says to my Lord (the Messiah), Sit at My right hand, until I make Your adversaries Your footstool.  The Lord will send forth from Zion the scepter of Your strength; rule, then, in the midst of Your foes.  What a picture of the submission of JESUS to the will of HIS FATHER that ultimately brings about HIS exaltation to HIS right hand on the THRONE.  HE goes on to declare that the scepter of strength will come through ZION, the CHURCH! 

Those that don’t understand ORDER and RANK could never be trusted with the SCEPTER of STRENGTH!  The unprocessed would become tyrants and dictators corrupted by the power they have been given.  Promotion in the KINGDOM must come through submission if we are going to see a “just government” raised up in the earth realm.  THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!   

GOD is raising up those who understand rank and order.  The earth has suffered from poor leadership long enough.  We must discern our “process” and “submit” to it and those HE has placed in our lives strategically that outrank us.  Just KINGS will rule through the kind of anointing that is birthed out of that kind of process.  DAVID became the prototype because he understood this when he said, “touch not my anointed, and do my prophet no harm”.  HE was actually speaking about the wicked Saul who was trying to kill him and whom he had the opportunity to kill!  David would have disqualified himself from GOD’s promotion, although killing Saul would have been a logical way for him to ascend to the throne.  David would not BREAK RANK and because of his obedience he replaced the one he honored!

GOD is raising up again the Davidic proto-type, the Melchizedek Order, the Ruling Church made up of mature believers to execute HIS justice in the earth.  Dare to be knighted in to the Royal Melchizedek Order through submission.  An authentic anointing will flow and the promotion that comes not from the east or the west, but from GOD will follow!  The earth is waiting…(Pslams 75). 


Pastor Timothy Alden


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Spiritual Maturity: The 30 Fold Realm

The subject of Spiritual Maturity is a very critical one for the Church.  That is due to the fact that it cannot be measured by the length of time a person has been born again.  Many sit in Churches and either never have had an authentic born again experience, or after being born again they fail to understand the development process and become stagnant, never reaching their full potential.   One of the examples of this development process is found in the Parable of the Sower

In Mark 4 Jesus explains this in the parable of the sower.  In one occasion the seed fell by the wayside due to satanic intervention.  This means that it never germinated in the heart of the hearer long enough to begin a growth process. In the next illustration Jesus talks about the stony ground heart, where the Word is received with joy, but doesn’t take root.  It talks about the persecution that comes for the sake of the Word and they become offended, and abort the process. That is because the Word did not penetrate deep enough to from roots. The next example talks about the thorny ground heart that allows the cares of this world and deceitful riches to choke the Word out, and as a result the process is aborted.  The last illustration is the heart that is good ground.  Notice that even in the illustration of the good ground there are still different results.  In one case it’s a 30 fold return, in another 60, and finally a 100.  Why are there different results when the heart is good ground?  Are some destined to only see a 30 fold return, others 60, some 100? 

This scripture illustrates stages of development.  The reality is some will not reach the full potential of the 100 fold realm.  In the 30 fold realm there is a lack of 70 in reaching 100.  The number 70 represents a connection the Church.  This connection of the number 70 is scripturally established for many reasons: 1. there were originally 70 nations that populated the earth after the flood.  This connects us to the Church because the flood was a baptism that cleansed the earth of the corrupted seed, leaving the righteous seed in the earth.  Noah and his sons represented the family of GOD, the household faith and a type of the New Testament Church.  2. It also speaks of the total number of persons that descended from the loins of Jacob. These descendants are the nation of Israel which is also a type of the New Testament Church 3. Also, the number 70 is especially connected to Jerusalem for the city kept its Sabbaths 70 years while Judah was in Babylon.  This also shows a continued witness in a world governed by wickedness, also representing the Church.     The Bible speaks in Galatians 4:26-27 of the Jerusalem from above being our Mother.  This means that the first stage of development is that we go into the womb of the Church.  Many lack in this respect of their growth and development because they fail to see the importance of not just being in Church, but being in the right local Church.  GOD places people in Churches knowing their calling and the right environment necessary for their development.  Many fail in this realm because they don’t recognize the importance of the Church that GOD has called them to, and allow themselves to be displaced, misplaced and ultimately replaced.  Although there was never an abortion, there is retardation.  This means that the process of growth is to slow to keep up with the individual assignment. 

In 1 Corinthians 12:18 it states that GOD has set every member in the body as it pleases HIM!  The Amplified Bible adds: “with the best adaption”.  That means to be made fit for use.  Many do not realize their full potential because they are not in alignment with GOD’s divine placement.  HE knows better than we do our “gift mix”, and with who and where it works best.  Many times that does not agree with our agenda or preference. That is due to our lack of understanding and insight into our own true identity.  The developing stages in the womb are critical to growing into our full potential.  The Leadership that GOD has placed over us have a tremendous amount of understanding as it relates to our “readiness” to leave the protection of the womb.  Many times leaders do not release individuals into certain arenas because they know they are not ready to handle the implications of exposure to those realms.  Many of those that become frustrated and impatient often seek leaders who will give them positions, titles etc.  The person may do well for a season outwardly, but inwardly they have failed to develop fully into their potential.  The bear fruit, but only a small percentage of what they could have. 

These are the Church transfer people who never remain long in one place.  They seek the fulfillment they are lacking by searching for the “new spot” that is socially or geographically comfortable for them.  The tragedy is that many never realize that they are leaving beneath their potential, and that they are less effective than they could be. 

This speaks volumes to my life personally and the growth that took place as a result of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  During that process I was attacked mentally, emotionally, and spiritually just because I was in my “place”.  The devil strategically launched an attack against my development process.  In one instance he succeeded and I remained out of place for two of the longest years of my life.  I discovered that although it was demanding and uncomfortable for me to remain where I was, the dysfunction and confusion that I experienced while being out of place was far worse. 

I have also seen this happen in the lives of so many that have passed through the local Church where I serve as Pastor.  Initially they are excited, committed, and connected.  After a period of time, the enemy uses other influences like murmuring, criticism, gossip, slander and accusation against leadership to get them to become skeptical about where they are.  These people often endup leaving, wandering from Church to Church, and relationship to relationship etc,  and are to prideful that admit that they are “off course”. As as a result not they do not see an increase in functionality as it relates to their gifting and callings.  In many cases they are deceived into believing that are doing “better” due to employment status, educational achievement, marriage, children, financial increase etc., and use often us those as reasons to justify the abandonment of their divine placement. 

In other cases there is damage done even in the womb, or even when the individual remains in the right place.  While they know they aren’t supposed to leave, they remain planted but become detached and aloof.  They are overly cautious, skeptical and negative about everything that is happening in the ministry, and as a result choose to do little or nothing to serve the vision of their local Church.  This ultimately achieves the same satanic intention, dysfunction.  They have opportunities to move in their gifting, but choose not to.  They become stagnant as a result and become a spectator of the move of GOD, when they could have been initiators and facillitators.  Years go by and they do very little or nothing as it relates to their calling, and get lulled into a “normal” life and become mediocre Christians at best. At worst they return to the world, like a dog eating up its vomit.   

The reason why this is such a critical issue is because the losers in this scenario are not just the individual who aborts their development, but the creation that is awaiting our manifestation.  We have Churches full of underdeveloped Christians and a world with no effective leadership.  GOD wants to raise up HIS people to infiltrate the ranks of the systems (Kingdoms) of this world, but unfortunately many are not adequately developed to be effective in those realms. 

The solution is to gage and evaluate your growth and development.  This can be done by looking at two areas of your life: intimacy and service.  How intimate are you with GOD and those that HE has joined you to, and how willing are you to serve something bigger than yourself at the price of abandoning your own interest.  As we honestly evaluate ourselves in those areas, we will insure that the development process is moving closer and closer to the 100 fold realm.  We will also prepare ourselves for Kingdom promotion, and be divinely positioned as lights in the midst of a dark world!






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